Rust is an online open-world survival gate that offers multiplayer play mode only. It is getting highly popular amongst gamers due to its addictive gameplay that is enough to keep you hooked up for hours and hours. RUST enables you to have complete control over your character and monitor the vital signs along with competing against other players and harsh environmental factors in the wilderness.

The game offers a wide range of resources that you can shape out of stones and trees for your defense. You can also find some weapons during the game like rifles and crossbows for combat against the opponents.

You can either choose to play solo and survive the wilderness alone or join a clan for protection and sharing the resources. Although, if you are playing solo, you should be avoiding these bigger clans as they have the advantage of numbers over you.


RUST offers and immersive gameplay, giving you full control over the character’s vital stats and health. You need to monitor blood sugar levels, proteins in the body, and water to manage them effectively. If you lose any of these, your health will decrease eventually that is going to lead you towards lesser ability to accomplish tasks.

You need to eat hygienic food with lesser fats, otherwise, you are going to gain weight and that will ultimately reduce your speed and agility. The strength also depends on your diet and you can carry the number of items according to your health.


Graphics on RUST are rendered and you can feel them to be more animation like rather than being close to reality. However, the times of day like night, dusk, dawn and evenings are designed perfectly to match the semi-urban terrain of the game.


From background music to sound effects, each sound is simple and minimalistic that runs smoothly with the graphical animations of the game. You can feel the thuds and players walking and screeching of doors just as you are in the same room listening to those perfectly designed sound effects.

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RUST Aimbot:

RUST Aimbot comes really handy as the terrain is complicated and confusing with lots of bushes, trees, infrastructure, and stones involved. You can use our RUST Aimbot to ensure optimal accuracy with each shot you fire and cause intended damage to the opponent through it. RUST Aimbot offers a number of useful features like:

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With a complicated and difficult terrain like RUST, you definitely need ESP if you are looking to ace the game and be fully aware of the dangers contained by your surroundings. We offer RUST ESP with a number of tools that help you know the location of opponents, and you can locate bigger clans from distance to avoid them easily. It also has other features like:

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    • Explosives indicator
    • Supplies locator

RUST Wallhack:

RUST Wallhack allows you to have a look beyond walls and you can easily see the enemies hidden behind solid walls or other objects like trees and stones. You can rest assured that no enemy will be hidden from your sight with this cool RUST Wallhack:

  • Locating opponents through walls
    • Penetration test for your bullets