DayZ Hacks / Cheats by Filta (With Aimbot and ESP)

DayZ is an online shooting tactical game that is recently released for PS4 and Xbox One. The storyline is from a republic of the former Soviet Union that is currently going through post-apocalyptic conditions due to a zombie outbreak. You need to survive, facing these zombies and other online players. The game allows you to either team up with other players and share resources, or play against them and fight for survival.

Gameplay:  DayZ offers a pretty impressive gameplay with so much happening that you feel lost in the online world of this game. There are zombies, other players and diseases to fight against. The fictional city is named Chernarus of the Soviet Republic and real-life diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, and Hepatitis are introduced in the game to make things more interesting and realistic. You need to find appropriate medicines to cure these diseases by either searching for them or sharing them with other players.


Graphics team has done a commendable job and you can feel it with each animation during your gameplay. There is no aspect left unchecked and you will not be feeling any lag whatsoever during your experience with the game.


Sounds designers were able to do justice with overall gameplay and graphics to give you an immersive experience. From background music to SFX and special effects, every sound is designed and calibrated with the graphics flawlessly.

Premium Hacks for DayZ:

Like any other online shooting game, DayZ is not without its fair share of hackers that can be a real annoyance for your gaming experience. You feel stuck facing these noobs who are using DayZ Cheats to make progress through unfair means in the game.

All your hard work and hours spent to polish your skills and achieve the ranking are lost due to these DayZ Cheats and you feel agitated. We are giving you the perfect way to have your vengeance over such noobs with our Premium DayZ Hacks.

These DayZ Hacks add the right value to your gaming experience by empowering your skills and boost your confidence. Even if you are looking to enhance your skill set and learn the game properly, you should definitely consider giving these DayZ Hacks a try.

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Undetected DayZ Hacks:

Our developers are working round the clock to update these hacks so that no security upgrade from the game developers can cause annoyance to your gaming experience. We ensure to provide Undetected DayZ Hacks that you can use without having to worry about facing any type of account bans from the gaming servers.
These DayZ Hacks remain undetected as we update them in real-time according to the server security updates and you can use these online without any hassle.

  • Guaranteed to work DayZ Hacks:
    There are plenty of DayZ Hacks and DayZ Cheats available over the internet that only works offline or are no good as they cease to work during an online combat.  We are true to the commitment and our developers ensure to fix all the lags in real-time to make sure you get Guaranteed to work DayZ Hacks that will never fail you. Our DayZ Hacks are upgraded with all the game updates and features so you can just toggle these on and enjoy the best experience from your favorite game.

Our Premium DayZ Hacks are not only Guaranteed to work and Undetected but they have features that no one else has to offer, we allow you to get great tools and features all with one subscription like:

DayZ Aimbot:

DayZ Aimbot enables you to get optimal accuracy. Your survival is dependent on the accuracy and how good you are able to manage the ammunition available. DayZ Aimbot makes it possible for you to have 100% accuracy even if the target is moving or you are rushing towards the opponent with a number of features like:

  • 100% Accuracy.
    • Spread Reduction.
    •  Bullet usage reduction.
    • Target Lock.
    • Accurate aim moving.


DayZ ESP or extra sensory perception allows you to have a deeper insight into your surroundings at all times. This way, you can be aware of enemy positions, their movements, the weapons they are carrying and any explosives being planted for you. With our DayZ ESP, you can also locate supplies in the area that you need for your survival.
DayZ ESP comes loaded with a number of features including:

  • Enemy Locator
    • Enemy movement Indicator
    • Explosives locator
    • Supplies indicator
    • Color customization for each subject

DayZ Wallhack:

DayZ Wallhack comes as an extension of DayZ ESP and enables you to see the opponents through walls and other solid objects. This way, you can be aware of any opponents hiding inside before entering a building and plan your strategy accordingly. It offers a few awesome tools like:

  • Ability to locate enemies through walls
    • Penetration test to see if your bullets can hit them